Fort Leonard Wood students named to dean's list

Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood

Nov. 20, 2013

The Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood campus would like to congratulate the following 31 students for being awarded the dean’s list for the award period June-October 2013. To be named to the dean’s list a student must have completed 12 semester hours in a 16-week period and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a four-point scale. Way to go!
Jessie P. Berry
John Burney
Ronald S. Carter
Donavon R. Cope
Claudina C. Cuffy
Chadwick R. Deal
Daryl D. Diaz
Michael S. Drerup
Lori E. Feather
Tara L. Figueroa
Alan R. George
Carrie E. Hoeser
Tabitha A. Hundt
Lacey Jolman
Julie A. Llera
Kerri B. Moore
Christina J. Netzer
Chris D. Oliver
Jamie L. Olvera
Ryan S. Piccirillo
Raymond J. Ramirez
Steffi N. Read
Robin M. Sapp
Benson K. Shoulders
Paul H. Smith
Nicole L. Spires
Rachel A. Tarbox
Travis Weathers
Arzetta M. Wisdom
Ian P. Yang
Eugene R. Zerby