Frank S. Westling Scholarship recipients announced for all campuses

Columbia College Nationwide and Evening campuses

July 3, 2013

Columbia College has announced the 2013-14 recipients of the Frank S. Westling Scholarship. The scholarship was available to students of the Nationwide, Evening and Online campuses currently pursuing a degree with a minimum Columbia College GPA of 3.0 and with 15 hours of residency credits with Columbia College.

Applicants were required to submit a 400-500 word essay noting career goals and leadership and/or community service achievements, as well as provide evidence of leadership and service to community, college and/or country within the past 12 months.

Recipients will receive a one-time, non-cash $500 award to be used for tuition, books and fees at Columbia College.

Congratulations to the following students:

May Arvin, Jacksonville campus

Elisa Asare, Salt Lake City campus

Dorothy Cardetti, Rolla campus

Tracy Champion, Crystal Lake campus

Juan Cisneros, Crystal Lake campus

Tafaooga Collins, Los Alamitos campus

Christina Collins-Zakes, Rolla campus

Marlene Cramer, San Luis Obispo campus

Heather Gieck, Jefferson City campus

Maria Glenn, Fort Leonard Wood campus

Lisa Jones, Crystal Lake campus

Vladimir Lazarev-Stanischev, Lemoore campus

Anna Lupson, Lake County campus

Henry Herrera, San Luis Obispo campus

Deseree Huber, Denver campus

Tabitha Hundt, Fort Leonard Wood campus

Tiffinie McClendon-Gayden, St. Louis campus

Rebecca Music, NAS Jacksonville campus

Sharon Murchison, NAS Jacksonville campus

Wyvonnia Neeley, Jefferson City campus

Jeffrey Payton, Hunter Army Airfield campus

Patricia Peterson, Crystal Lake campus

Amie Rhoads, Jefferson City campus

Rebecca Riley, Moberly campus

Emily Sproule, Lake County campus

Arleen Thomen, Patrick Air Force Base campus

Lesley Trippensee, Jefferson City campus

Kevin Wiseman, Crystal Lake campus