Fort Leonard Wood campus students: Get involved, join the Student Organization

Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood

July 3, 2013
President David Livermore with Treasurer & Secretary Scott Grenier

The Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood campus would like to recognize the new leaders of its Student Organization and thank its previous leaders for their service. On June 14 the Student Organization met to officially change over leadership positions. The new leaders of the Student Organization are as follows: President David Livermore, Vice President Tabitha Hundt and Treasurer & Secretary Scott Grenier. The staff at Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood would like to thank Maria Glenn, Jeff Cornuet and Alan George for their previous service as president, vice president and treasurer, respectively, of the Student Organization. 
The Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood Student Organization represents a direct link between the student body and the campus director and staff. As the official voting body of the students, the Student Organization offers input on major issues regarding the Fort Leonard Wood campus and represents the needs and wishes of the student body. The purposes of the organization are:
· To present and represent the opinions and concerns of the student body to the director and staff/faculty

· To assist, organize and promote extracurricular activities for the student body as well as with other student organizations

· To assist the director and staff/faculty in improving and maintaining academic standards, especially academic integrity and honesty

· To foster ties between Columbia College -ort Leonard Wood and main campus

· To assist Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood staff with official duties, including graduation ceremonies

Membership is open to any current Columbia College student who is in attendance three out of the five sessions a year, and also is open to Columbia College alumni. The Student Organization has previously participated in Feed the Children, the local Veterans Day parade, chili cook-off, and the Dodge Ball Brawl. The organization also donated to the Hurricane Sandy Supply last year and promotes scholarship programs.
If interested in joining the Student Organization or volunteering for events, please contact Scott Grenier at