Hancock Field hosts SALUTE, Sigma Beta Delta and Tau Upsilon Alpha honor society ceremony

Columbia College of Missouri-Hancock Field

June 14, 2013

First row (from left to right): Donna Cavanaugh (TUA), Darla Roote (SALUTE, SBD), Darlene Wagner (SBD), Nicole Luebke (TUA), Carol Youngs, Harold Pierce (SALUTE)
Second row: Jasmine Taffaro (SBD), Corey Gasparini (SBD), Joseph Green (SBD), Michael Spaiches (SALUTE), Natalina Crouse (SBD), Christian Cox (SBD)
Faculty, staff and students gathered at the Hancock Field campus to honor the newest inductees of SALUTE, Sigma Beta Delta and Tau Upsilon Alpha on June 11.
Tau Upsilon Alpha inductees included Donna Cavanaugh and Nicole Luebke. Sigma Beta Delta inductees included Darla Roote, Darlene Wagner, Jasmine Taffaro, Corey Gasparini and Natalina Crouse. SALUTE inductees included Harold Pierce, Darla Roote and Michael Spaiches.
These honor societies demonstrate forms of scholarship and promote excellence both in and out of the classroom. SALUTE recognizes those who serve our country while continuing their higher education, while Sigma Beta Delta and Tau Upsilon Alpha honor academic achievement in business administration and human services, respectively.
Professional and personal improvement, leadership, and lifelong learning are promoted through these societies. As members, students embrace these qualities and undoubtedly will continue to demonstrate those attributes as they move forward in their lives and careers.

This is a proud moment for the new members and their families as they continue to go for greater at Columbia College of Missouri-Hancock Field. The campus family was honored to share this moment with them. Congratulations!