New weather class offered for the June session!

Columbia College-Fort Stewart

April 24, 2013

ENVS/GEOG 220: Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences is a basic weather course that is being offered for the first time at any Columbia College campus. The course curriculum will feature topics such as the basic structure of the atmosphere, the causes of weather and winds, the weather of desert regions, cloud formation, oceanic trends, and and even why the sky is blue! The course also will offer hands-on learning opportunities, including an experiement demonstrating how atmospheric pressure can crush an aluminum can. 
The course will satisfy a major area elective for environmental science students, or a social science requirement for any associate or bachelor’s degree if the student is on the Optional General Education track. To see which general education track you are, please consult your online degree audit for your bachelor’s degree, or ask an academic advisor.
While this course won’t make a meteorologist out of you, it will be taught by one, but without all the usual math required for more advanced weather courses.