Springfield campus announces Valentine's Day contest winner

Columbia College-Springfield

March 1, 2013

The Columbia College-Springfield campus is excited to announce student Amanda Davis as the winner of the Valentine’s Day writing contest. Students entered to win a Columbia College sweatshirt by submitting a paragraph or poem about why they love Columbia College. Amanda’s submission is as follows:

How do I love Columbia College?  Let me count the ways…

L - “L” is for the Learning experiences I have received at Columbia College, for the career Ladder I will climb because of my education, and for the Lasting abilities I will carry with me upon graduation. 

O - “O” is for the Opportunities I have received from Columbia College, the doors that will Open to me in the workforce as a result of my education, and the Organization and efficient Order with which the entire college Operates. 

V – “V” is for the Very supportive instructors who inspire and continually amaze me, the Victory I feel each time I complete a course and take another fantastic experience away with me, the services provided for military Veterans like myself attending the college, and the Vow I make to continue supporting Columbia College in every way even after I graduate just as they have continually supported me!

E - “E” is for the Enduring support of my advisor and college director, the phenomenal Columbia College Employees I have come into contact with, and the Enduring hope I hold in my heart that through the knowledge, Experiences, and Education I have received with Columbia College I will make a positive impact on my family, the Environment, and the world!”   

Amanda’s poem reminds students, faculty and staff of the importance of a quality higher education.  Angela Sneed is the runner up of the contest, and the Springfield staff would like to thank all of the students who participated. Congratulations Amanda!