Columbia College of Missouri-Lake County hosts event at Lifelong Learning Center

COLUMBIA, Mo., Jan. 31 Columbia College of Missouri recently hosted a classroom dedication event at the Naval Station Great Lakes’ new Lifelong Learning Center on Jan. 30. College administration and military personnel were on hand to celebrate the achievement. The classroom, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, provides instructors an opportunity to leverage the intellectual capacity of every student in the room.  
        Columbia College takes pride in offering students at the Naval Station Great Lakes the same amazing technology we have in our classrooms across the country,” said Lyndon Russell, director of Columbia College-Lake County.
After the ribbon cutting, students and leadership from the base enjoyed refreshments. A scholarship was also awarded to Petty officer, second class Juan Fernandez, a general studies major at Columbia College. Fernandez said he will use the scholarship to continue his education.
This is what Great Lakes sailors do. They seek out the toughest challenges and rise to the occasion. Most sailors have full time jobs, volunteer in the community, spend time with their families and still pursue higher education. It’s great that Columbia College is rewarding us with an excellent classroom,” said Fernandez.
Columbia College of Missouri features four campuses in the state of Illinois, located in Lake County (Gurnee), Crystal Lake, Elgin and Freeport, and offers a variety of in-seat and online degrees. In 1974, the college entered into an agreement to provide post-secondary education opportunities for sailors at Naval Station Great Lakes. Today, more than 38 years later, the Columbia College of Missouri campuses in Illinois serve more than 2,250 students annually. There are more than 4,700 Columbia College alumni in the state of Illinois, the third largest college alumni population in the nation.