Columbia College announces interim president, search committee

Columbia College

Daisy Grossnickle, chair of the Columbia College Board of Trustees, has announced the presidential search timeline for the college, including members of the search committee and the interim president (effective Aug. 2, 2013).

Dr. Gerald T. Brouder, the 16th president of Columbia College, will retire Aug. 1, 2013. Upon his retirement, Dr. Terry B. Smith, currently the Executive Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs, will serve as interim president until the next president of Columbia College is named.

“Dr. Smith will serve as interim president during the 2013-14 academic year,” said Grossnickle. “My goal is to have a new president named and on campus by July 1, 2014.”

“I was honored and humbled by Daisy’s request,” said Smith. “It is my pleasure to serve as the interim president for the college until the search committee has ample time to select a replacement.”

According to Grossnickle, now is a time to exercise due diligence because Aug. 1st is just 196 days from today.

“Because that’s just a little more than six months from now, and because the college is in such a good place, I don’t feel the need to rush the search process,” said Grossnickle. “I have appointed, and he has accepted, Rev. Dr. John Yonker as chair of the presidential search committee. Rev. Yonker is a long-standing member of the Board of Trustees, and he will direct the search committee to identify a qualified search firm to assist us in selecting the 17th President of Columbia College.”

“I am honored to chair the search committee,” said Yonker. “Having been a member of the Board of Trustees for many years, I’ve come to know and love the college. Though, certainly saddened to learn about Dr. Brouder’s retirement, we are thankful for the legacy he leaves. Without any debt and with a growing student body, we’ve achieved national recognition for academic excellence; at this point we’re poised for continued growth, and looking forward to finding the right person to lead the college into the next chapter in its history of educating women and men to become responsible citizens and leaders of society.”

In addition to Yonker, members of the presidential search committee include: Carol Willoughby Winkler ’93: Member, Board of Trustees Anita C. Abbott Timmons ’58: Member, Board of Trustees Col. Mike Randerson: Vice President for Adult Higher Education Dr. Brad Lookingbill: Columbia College professor of history Michael Kateman: Executive Director of Development, Alumni and Public Relations George W. Hulett: Member, Board of Trustees Patty Fischer: Director of Human Resources Daisy Grossnickle: Chair, Board of Trustees Avery Bourne: President, Student Government Association Walter E. Bixby III ’82 : Member, Board of Trustees.