Columbia College-Hancock Field December Connections

Centerstate Business Showcase (October 25, 2012)

Scott Vinciguerra, Kelly Kugler, Bethany Daniluk, and Corey Gasparini attended the 2012 Business Showcase to represent Columbia College Hancock Field. Hundreds of local organizations were in attendance with information, samples, coupons, and drawings for prizes. Syracuse Basketball Coach Jim Boehiem was there supporting the Say Yes to Education Foundation by shooting baskets and taking photos with fans. Both Scott and Kelly supported the cause. Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream was also present. Scott attended a lecture where Jerry spoke about business and leadership skills. The event gave us a great amount of exposure and representation amongst the Syracuse community.

Kelly and Bethany at the booth

Coach Jim Boehiem and Kelly Kugler


Dr. Scott Vinciguerra and Jerry Greenfield

Winner Winner!
After attempting to guess how many starbursts were in a giant clear jar at the Centerstate Business Showcase, Kelly received a phone call informing her that she had won a brand new office chair from Hummel’s Office Plus! Account executive Brandon Frisch and designer Katie Pope delivered Kelly her chair the following week.

Standing; Katie Pope, Brandon Frisch. Sitting; Kelly Kugler

CC Spooktacular!
Hancock Field put on its first annual Halloween event for its Staff, Faculty, Students, 174th military personnel and their families on October 26, 2012. The night contained a series of games for children and parents enjoy. Everyone had a great time, and appreciated our effort to host an event where everyone could get to know one another outside of the classroom.


Partnership with the Syracuse Crunch
Columbia College Hancock Field is now partnered with the Syracuse Crunch. There is an advertisement on the scoreboard, ribbon lighting, radio announcements, and a new “player of the game” that is included in the arrangement. The Columbia College “Go for Greater” player of the game will be announced at each home game. That coach/player will be recognized for a great athletic or personal achievement. We are very excited for this opportunity and we hope to represent the college at the majority of the team’s home games.

Later in January, the Crunch will be hosting Columbia College night, where a vast amount of students will be given discount tickets to attend. Academic Advisor Bethany Daniluk will be singing God Bless America, and the rest of our students and staff will be able to partake in the activities performed during intermissions.

Crunchman and Dr. Scott Vinciguerra

Our ad is on the lower left, the image in the middle is the Go for Greater player of the game ad.

Cell Phones for Soldiers Conclusion
SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Hundreds of troops stationed overseas will now have an easier way to call home, thanks to a three-month long cell phone drive. Columbia College of Missouri-Hancock Field joined forces with Cell Phones for Soldiers over the past three months, collecting more than 400 phones to send to troops overseas.

Boxes and letters were sent out to everyone at the college and hundreds of people from all over donated phones.

"It's going to benefit soldiers in that the cell phones are going to be wiped clean of all of their data and the organization itself, Cell Phones for Soldiers, is going to purchase calling cards to be sent to our troops. They will use those calling cards to phone home," said Dr. Scott Vinciguerra, Director of Columbia College-Hancock Field.

For every donated phone, Cell Phones for Soldiers provides two and a half hours of free talk time to deployed troops leaving them bill-free to call home whenever they can.