Coumbia College makes presence known at New York State Fair

Columbia College-Hancock Field

From August 23 to September 3, Columbia College-Hancock Field set up a booth at the New York State Fair under the 174th Fighter Wing tent.

The annual New York State Fair consists of 10 consecutive days of fair food, attractions, entertainment, and concerts. Vendors normally set up booths and tents to promote their organization in the greater CNY region. Columbia College was granted the opportunity to reside under the 174th Fighter Wing tent where the college gained exposure and prospects.

Columbia College Campus admissions manager, Kelly Kugler was present to help out the 174th Fighter Wing tent.

“Our staff rotated ‘manning’ the booth for the duration of the fair. There were many SUNY Colleges in attendance,’ Kugler said. “We always enjoy showing the base support in any way we can.”

The fair was the perfect opportunity for Columbia College-Hancock Field to raise awareness of the programs that Columbia College offers to military students.

“We gained prospects, exposure, and represented our commitment to the Air National Guard Base here in Syracuse,” Kugler said.

Photo: Left to right, a student from the 174th Fighter Wing and Debra Ruszczyk, Columbia College-Hancock Field admissions manager.