Columbia College - Hancock Field holds 2012 Sigma Beta Delta induction ceremony

Columbia College-Hancock Field welcomed the class of 2012 inductees in the campus' 2nd Annual Sigma Beta Delta ceremony. This international honor society recognizes scholarship and achievement in the fields of business, management and administration with the goal of promoting personal and professional improvement, and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

Hancock Field Associate Director Renee Grosso, along with Director, Dr. Scott Vinciguerra presided over the event. Dr. Michael Evans, adjunct professor of Communications and Business served as the faculty speaker. Congratulations to all inductees for this distinguished honor.

2012 Sigma Beta Delta inductees (From L-R): Alain LeeQui,
Darlene Wagner, Anne Welytok, Elizabeth Robillard

2012 Sigma Beta Delta Inductees: (L to R) – Sandra Loveless, Kyle Patrick, Stacie Burnam, Danaise Evenden, Karen Windhausen and Karen Liscum

Several family members and friends of the inductees attended the induction ceremony on June 29 at the Hancock Field Campus