Two Columbia College of Missouri-Lake County staff members honored for five years of service

Peggy Berry and Suzette Baeckleandt
In April, two staff members from Columbia College of Missouri-Lake County were honored for five years of service to the college:

Peggy Berry, academic advisor
I chose to work in adult higher education because of my educational journey as an adult learner. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Political Science, a Master of Higher Education Administration and a Master of Human Resource Management. I will begin the final stage of my journey this year as I work on a Ph.D. in Education with North Central University. I look forward to many more years of service to our students and faculty at Columbia College of Missouri-Lake County. 

Suzette Baeckleandt, campus admissions manager
When I started with the college, my job was to promote it through advertising and marketing. Currently, my job is to build awareness, represent the college and develop potential new students. One of my accomplishments was the creation of a class called Student Success Strategies (INCC 123) which dealt with concepts of time management, learning how to learn in a collegiate setting and developing critical thinking skills.