124 students receive degrees at Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks’ graduation and pinning ceremony

65 students earned bachelor's degrees
A crowd of more than 1,200 people attended the Columbia College-Lake of the Ozarks 2012 graduation commencement ceremony and nurses pinning on April 29. The event took place at the Lodge of the Four Seasons.

The campus community recognized the hard work of 124 students with Mike Randerson, vice president for Adult Higher Education, conferring degrees. This represented the 20th graduating class from the Lake of the Ozarks campus.
May 2012 nursing class

66 students earned associate degrees
Members of the May 2012 nursing class also were recognized with a pinning ceremony  for completion of the nursing program, signifying the end of 14 months of rigorous classroom and clinical work.

Sharon Davenport and Dianna Kilpack earned their MBA

Graduates from the Class of 2012 included:

Luke A. Hentges                                                   Barnett, Mo

Margo A. Luttrell                                                  Brumley, Mo

Karen A. Graf*                                                      Brumley, Mo

Ashley J. Humphrey:                                           Brumley, Mo

Dianna K. Kilpack ^                                              Camdenton, Mo

Stacy L. Cathcart                                                   Camdenton, Mo

Kathy L. Garner                                                    Camdenton, Mo

Harry E. Adrian***                                              Camdenton, Mo

Dana L. Becker*                                                   Camdenton, Mo

William C. Arnett                                                  Camdenton, Mo

Sally R. Everhart                                                   Camdenton, Mo

Deidre R. Morgan                                                Camdenton, Mo

Timothy N. Scott                                                   Camdenton, Mo

Bridget L. Page*                                                   Camdenton, Mo

Sharon M. Konwinski                                           Camdenton, Mo

Amanda N. Stogsdill                                             Camdenton, Mo

Karen R. Fehrmann*†                                         Camdenton, Mo

Elena L. Gaddy                                                      Camdenton, Mo

Ronald E. Russell**†                                           Camdenton, Mo

Brooke A. Thompson                                           Camdenton, Mo

Renee L. Valentine*                                            Camdenton, Mo

Tracy J. Sutton                                                      Camdenton, Mo

Nevada M. Shelkey                                              Camdenton, Mo

Michelle N. Lewis                                                 Camdenton, Mo

Mary L. O’Neal                                                      Camdenton, Mo

Kiem T. Sullivan                                                    Camdenton, Mo

Sharon K. Davenport ^                                        Eldon, Mo

Lonnie J. Perry                                                     Eldon, Mo

Susan T. Cannon***                                            Eldon, Mo

Shellie R. See                                                        Eldon, Mo

Margreta E. Schwaner                                         Eldon, Mo

Michael D. Schwaner                                          Eldon, Mo

Candace J. Barton†                                              Eldon, Mo

Tricia R. Garett-Barton                                        Eldon, Mo

Nicole B. Shoemaker                                           Eldon, Mo

Kayla R. Scrivner                                                  Eldon, Mo

Charles M. Williams                                             Eldon, Mo

Sheila L. Dinwiddie                                              Eldon, Mo

Christine L. Keeton                                              Eldon, Mo

Breanna E. Werdehausen                                  Eldon,Mo

Jenniffer N. Evers                                                 Eugene, Mo

Kimberly D. Strickland                                         Gravois Mills, Mo

Audrey D. Sheppard                                            Gravois Mills, Mo

Meagan M. Dalton                                               Hartsburg, Mo

Eric S. Whittle                                                       Iberia, Mo

Joseph M. Cochran**                                         Iberia, Mo

Ricky L. Nelson**                                                 Iberia, Mo

Kevin L. Palmer                                                    Iberia, Mo

Sarah M. Palmer                                                   Iberia, Mo

Shanda D. Duncan                                                Iberia, Mo

Dana L. Baker                                                        Independence, Mo

Jennifer M. Vittetoe                                            Jefferson City, Mo

Chad H.R. Witt                                                      Jefferson City, Mo

Wesley B. Hall*                                                    Kaiser, Mo

Lasella M. Wynes                                                 Kaiser, Mo

Roy L. Mizell                                                          Kaiser, Mo

James Henley ^                                                    Lake Ozark, Mo

Lawrence E. Gerdes                                            Lake Ozark, Mo

David A Lary                                                          Lake Ozark, Mo

Susan M. Smith                                                     Lake Ozark, Mo

Angel R. Menefee                                                Lake Ozark, Mo

Amber L. Howard                                                 Lake Ozark, Mo

John C. Mathewson                                             Lake Ozark, Mo

Ashley N. Metscher                                             Lake Ozark, Mo

Misty D. Williams                                                  Lake Ozark, Mo

Rebecca L. Wilson                                               Lake Ozark, Mo

Gloria I. Bray                                                         Lake Ozark, Mo

Tamera A. Moseley                                              Lake Ozark, Mo

Richard J. Nold                                                      Lake Ozark, Mo

Robert M. Renicker                                             Lake Ozark, Mo

Gary A. Metcalf                                                    Laurie, Mo

Janice L. Hester                                                    Lebanon, Mo

Alex J. Layton                                                        Lebanon, Mo

Jessica L. Miko                                                      Lebanon, Mo

Mandy E. Reece                                                   Lebanon, Mo

Justin J. Finley                                                       Lehi, UT

Alaina P. Hoyt                                                       Linn Creek, Mo

Richie K. Smith                                                      Linn Creek, Mo

Jessica L. Willis                                                     Macks Creek, Mo

Pamela K. Ratchford                                            Montreal, Mo

Jacqueline R. Luaders†                                       Montreal, Mo

Rebecca L. Brazil                                                  Montreal, Mo

Jeanne D. Guenther                                            O’Fallon, Mo

Heather A. Looten                                               Olean, Mo

Jessica K. Groves                                                  Osage Beach

Kelly S. Hooper                                                     Osage Beach, Mo

Christina M. Balwin**†                                       Osage Beach, Mo

Shelley M. Orf**                                                  Osage Beach, Mo

Linda M. Orf*                                                       Osage Beach, Mo

Lisa K. White                                                         Osage Beach, Mo

Carrie M. Satterfield                                            Osage Beach, Mo

Leslie M. Harris                                                    Osage Beach, Mo

Kelly J. Brake                                                         Osage Beach, Mo

Amy E. Sperry                                                       Osage Beach, Mo

Aaron J. Skiles                                                       Osage Beach, Mo

Charesa L. Sullivan                                               Osage Beach, Mo

Deanna M. Bruner                                               Osage Beach, Mo

Cheryl A. Lock                                                      Osage Beach, Mo

Jennifer J. Thompson                                          Osage Beach, Mo

Penny L. Hough                                                    Piedmont, Mo

Sandra S. Larabee-Cravens                                Roach, Mo

Gina M. Johnson                                                   Rocky Mount, Mo

Thomas M. Lindner                                              Rocky Mount, Mo

Candice N. McIntyre                                            Spanish Lake, Mo

Andrea L. Heumann                                            St. Louis, Mo

Jason R. Andreasen                                             St. Robert, Mo

Anna L. Koeller                                                     Stover, Mo

Lacey E. Wiles                                                       Sullivan, Mo

Kyle L. Anderson                                                  Sunrise Beach, Mo

Michelle L. Endsley                                              Sunrise Beach, Mo

Steven R. Endsley                                                 Sunrise Beach, Mo

Sirenia V. Thoenen                                              Sunrise Beach, Mo

Kelly L. Echternacht                                             Sunrise Beach, Mo

Tiffany N. Sloan                                                     Tipton, Mo

Regina G. Robinett*                                             Ulman, Mo

Rachel D. McDowell                                            Ulman, Mo

Courtney A. Johnson                                           Urbana, Mo

Tracy L. Simmons                                                 Versailles, Mo

David B. Ball                                                          Versailles, Mo

Christy S. Wilson                                                  Vienna, Mo

Aaron C. Shaner:

^ earned Master’s degree

*Cum laude (3.5 G.P.A),

** Magna cum laude (3.75 G.P.A.)

*** Summa cum laude

† Sigma Beta Delta member              


elena said...

So, where is the site were we can see the "virtual ceremony" the Mr. Mike R. told us about before we walked to where the ceremony was held?

Unknown said...

Columbia College's virtual commencement site is available at www.ccis.edu/virtualcommencement/. If they choose, graduates can create virtual profiles to share with family and friends.