Columbia College-Orlando announces dean's list recipients for the October and January sessions

On behalf of Columbia College-Orlando staff and faculty, we would like to congratulate you for making the dean’s list for the October and January sessions. To be eligible for the dean’s list, a student must have taken a minimum of 12 credits during the last two consecutive sessions while concurrently accruing at least a 3.50 GPA. You have met these criteria. Again, congratulations on your outstanding effort and keep up the great work.

Columbia College-Orlando dean's list recipients:
Jessica Y. Allen
Lashaunda C. Anderson
Shane D. Asmus
Shamale Barker
Christine M. Barnette
Kate L. Bayes
Kimberly A. Benedict
Shadrack Bienaime
Sonia P. Boyce
Mary K. Brown
Nathan L. Brown
Octavia J. Costa
Roosevelt D. Curry
Cynthia L. Deeck
Jennifer N. Delaughter
Adrian P. Dozier
James P. Edwards
Tawne A. Frick
Suzanne I. Garfinkel
Menachem M. Green
Lana Y. Hamilton
Erynn M. Hatzl
Marsha L. Hayes
Dorecia Henry-Davis
Sandra M. Hutchings
Tonrica L. Johnson
Jimmecha L. Jolly
Diana M. Lemma
Latesha S. Mansfield-Jackson
James H. McCoskey
Candida Perdomo
Johana B. Perez
Dawn N. Perkins
Kievia S. Redding
Matthew H. Resetar
Cristhian L. Restrepo
Leslie A. Reynolds
Jeanette M. Roberson
Melodie Roberts
Michael D. Segreaves
Monica Shaw
Tina L. Silva
Tonya D. Smith
Mark R. Spencer
Ivette Suarez
Luis A. Tabio
Dareen I. Tawil
Tiffany D. Thompson
Yineth Tolentino
Rochelle L. Wallace
Venus L. White
Steadroy Wilkins
Jessika D. Wisecup
Patricia L. Wozniak
Robert L. Yawn