Columbia College-Lake of the Ozarks announces dean's list for October and January eight-week sessions

The following students were named to the Columbia College-Lake of the Ozarks dean's list for the October and January eight-week sessions:

Sean C. Abel
Melodie J. Adams
Brad K. Allen
Jenna C. Amato
Lea D. Bemboom
Racquel R. Boze
Kelly J. Brake
Ashley A. Callahan
Leanne Christiansen
Shesyl P. Cueva
April Eck
Darrell C. Elliott
Karen R. Fehrmann
Elena L. Gaddy
Shellie R. Gavette
Lawrence E. Gerdes
Korrin Hardman
Summer J. Helton
Christie M. Horning
Marsha L. Imbrogno
Aaron M. Jolly
Shawnee L. Keeney
Christopher P. Kopp
Yelena A. Lambina
David A. Lary
Amy S. Lee
Natasha D. Lewis
Brianne N. Long
Andrew J. Mikolay
Ricky L. Nelson
Bridget L. Page
Ronnie H. Page
Jonathan T. Pahlmann
Ryan C. Persoon
Tricia A. Renicker
Tina M. Rogers-Cordia
Katie D. Rooffener
Ronald E. Russell
Aaron W. Salsman
Ellen M. Savage
Kimberly S. Schrader
Robert E. Schubert
Robert W. Selby
Rachel R. Shadrick
Nevada M. Shelkey
Audrey D. Sheppard
Justin Steele
Kimberly D. Strickland
Stephanie M. Underwood
Renee L. Valentine
Trista R. Vossman
Alica F. Wilson
Lisa R. Zaritz

 To be named to the dean's list a student must have completed 12 hours in a 16-week period and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a four-point scale.