Columbia College of Missouri-Crystal Lake’s Jennifer M. Ryan awarded the $500 Ignacio Arias Campus Scholarship

Jennifer Ryan
Former Crystal Lake student and artist, Ignacio Arias passed away in 2002. In his honor, his family generously established a $500 scholarship, to be awarded annually. 

We are pleased to announce that the 2011 winner of this scholarship is Jennifer Ryan, a business administration major at Columbia College of Missouri-Crystal Lake. 

Ryan was prompted to apply for the scholarship when she received an email from her advisor.  “You can apply for dozens of scholarships, but it is hard to stand out in a crowd.  To be honest, I applied for this one because I knew the applicants were limited to students with a high GPA.  I have a high GPA, so I thought I would try.”  Upon learning that she was chosen, she was thrilled. “Wow!  I’ve got to tell everybody!”

The scholarship will be used for tuition expenses, but Ryan is excited that this award will free up other funds to update her computer at home, thus allowing her to work more efficiently on future Columbia College courses. Congratulations Jennifer Ryan!