Congratulations to Columbia College of Missouri-Lake County scholarship winners Lafay Presberry and Gregory Jones

Stephen Stephany, director of Columbia College of Missouri-Lake County, presents Lafay Presberry with her scholarship
Stephany presents Gregory Jones with his scholarship
This scholarship provides $500 in tuition assistance to one Lake County Campus student who has completed 15 or more hours with Columbia College, and one Lake County Campus student who has completed less than 15 hours with Columbia College.
Lafay and Gregory needed be enrolled as degree-seeking students at the Lake County campus, not defaulted on any loan made under the Stafford, SLS, PLUS or Perkins Loan Program and have submitted the application form along with an essay. Gregory needed GPA consideration for completing 15 hours or more with Columbia College.
Both students needed to write an essay on the following topic:  We live in a world where technology is constantly changing around us. Modern technology has a great influence on education as a whole. Discuss the impact, both positive and negative, that technology has had inside the classroom.
Other specifications about the scholarship: Scholarships must be used in the term immediately following award receipt. This award can only be applied to a course taught at the Lake County campus. A student may receive only one Lake County Campus Scholarship per academic year.
If you are interested in applying for future scholarships, please visit or contact Heidi Baumgart at (847) 336-6333.