Columbia College of Missouri-Lake County announces dean's list for August and October sessions

Columbia College of Missouri-Lake County would like to acknowledge our hardworking students in their efforts and send a shout out to the students who have made the dean’s list for the August and October eight-week sessions.
To receive dean’s list honors, a student must have completed 12 semester hours in a 16-week period and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a four-point scale. Congratulations on your accomplishment:

Nicole Alfaro
Kimberly Arnos
Christopher Bae
Jennifer Bauer
Jonathan Beale
Mersi Bethancourt
Joseph Bitto
Ahsley Blosmore
Gary Boltenhouse
Maritza Brown
Ivan Brown
Eric Butner
Jason Carwile
Brandon Cox
Dale Decker
Kim Fischer
Olena Fisher
Scott A. Francis
Joe Fullington
Vanessa Garcia
Kimberly Graves
Tammy Griffin
Amanda Orozco
Angenette Guzman
Crystal Hartung
Victoria Hedlund
Jamie Herdt
Bob Herod
Norma Hook
Miriam Johnson
Robbin Kaim
James Kelly
Kimberly Kwak
Brooke Lannert
Jeremiah Larson
Zepher Lyons
Delyris Martinez
Thomas Mattison
Guadalupe Medina
Frances Mosley
Caroline Oncken
Barbara Ronner
Robin Roth
Patrick Ruggles
Kimberly Sanks
Robert Sloan
Renee Smith
Michelle Snyder
Paul Swanson
Joyce Taylor
David Taylor
Tara Teschky
Erik Treftz
Pam Webb
Jerome Zlomke