Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood recognizes and thanks Student Organization members

Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood would like to recognize those members of the campus Student Organization group. The organization is comprised of both current students and alumni. The current officials are April Weimer, president; Maurice Powell, vice president; John Weimer, treasurer; Shelby Clements, secretary; Jeff Cornuet, public relations; William Matthews, public relations; Kristen Feldmann, public relations; Mark Rawlings, student relations; Tara Figueroa, student relations; and Wendy Whynot, student relations.

The campus would like to thank each member for their hard work and dedication to the events they sponsored during the holiday season. Additionally, all events, fundraisers and donations would not have been a success without the support of the student body, the staff and faculty, the Truman Education Center, the local communities and those who serve our country at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.