Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood has busy October Session with veteran’s activities and blood drive; asks for lap blanket donations

The students, staff, and faculty at Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood have been busy with several activities during the October Session. During the third week of session, the campus staff and student organizations participated in the St. Robert/Waynesville Veteran’s Day parade in which magnets, Frisbees, pens and candy were given to those who came out to watch the parade. Then, during the fourth week of session, the campus participated in American Education Week.  The campus provided educational information and seminars on veteran’s benefits and financial aid available to soldiers and their families. Also during that week, the campus hosted its fourth blood drive. Just like previous blood drives, the number of donations exceeded the goal. The blood drive delivered 45 pints of blood that the American Red Cross will be able to use during the upcoming holiday season.
Another activity that is ongoing is the donation of lap blankets. Fort Leonard Wood student organizations are accepting donated lap blankets to distribute to veterans at the Saint James Veteran’s Home. The distribution will take place on Christmas Eve in order to celebrate the holidays with the veterans. If anyone would like to donate lap blankets, please contact Felisha Richards at