Columbia College-Kansas City offers tips for adding, dropping and withdrawing from classes online

Columbia College gives students the ability to change their class schedules by using their eServices account. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when adding, dropping or withdrawing from a class:
·         The last day to add a class to your schedule is the Friday of the first week of the session.
·         The last day to drop a class from your schedule is the Monday of the second week of the session. Dropping a class means that you will not be financially responsible for the class, nor receive a punitive grade.
·         The last day to withdraw from a class is the Friday of the sixth week of the session. Withdrawing from a class means that you will not receive a punitive grade, but you will still be financially responsible. Withdrawals may affect your financial aid situation and may result in some or all of your federal aid being returned to the federal government.
·         Withdrawing from too many classes could affect your ability to receive financial aid. All students applying for federal and/or state financial assistance must meet and maintain satisfactory academic progress in a degree program to receive funding. Students are required to complete two-thirds of attempted hours while at Columbia College.
·         You may request a withdrawal excused at any time during the session. A withdrawal excused is reserved for students who can no longer attend class due to extraordinary circumstances. When requesting a withdrawal excused, you will need to submit a letter explaining your situation, plus any substantiating documentation (e.g. hospital records).
·         If you are requesting a withdrawal excused, you must withdraw from all courses for which you are registered.
·         You will receive a confirmation of your registered, dropped or withdrawn class in your CougarMail as notification that the process is complete. If you do not receive this email within an hour of making changes to your schedule, contact our office.