Columbia College-Kansas City offers math series starting in January

Many adult college students have not taken a mathematics course since high school. This leads to fear and frustration over the required math credit within the general education for their degrees. To alleviate this stress, Columbia College developed the math series.
The math series is composed of three classes: MATH 104: Beginning Algebra, MATH 106: Intermediate Algebra and MATH 150: College Algebra. The purpose of the math series is to help students progressively work up to college algebra, the lowest class that can be used to meet the mathematics requirement. Unlike other colleges that do not offer credit for prerequisite classes in math, Columbia College does offer credit for Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, so students can use these classes as general electives in their degrees.
Columbia College-Kansas City normally presents the math series by offering MATH 104 in the August Session, MATH 106 in the October Session and MATH 150 in the January Session. This academic year, we will be presenting the series a second time by offering the classes during the January, March and June sessions. These classes will be taught by Dr. Michael DeMarea, and class will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:45 - 8:15 p.m. Offering a second run of the math series will give students the opportunity to complete the mathematics requirement without having to wait until the next academic year.
For more information about registering for classes, call (816) 795-1515, or email Dori Cantrell at