Columbia College-Crystal Lake student Elizabeth Freund scores above 90th percentile on two MFT tests

Columbia College-Crystal Lake student, Elizabeth Freund, scored in the 93rd percentile on her psychology Major Field Test (MFT) and 99th percentile on her criminal justice MFT. Freund is only the second Columbia College senior in history to score above the 90th percentile on two MFTs.

The MFTs are two-hour, nationally normed exams in numerous academic disciplines administered to more than 100,000 students in more than 600 colleges annually. The MFT tests, developed by the Educational Testing Service, are administered to seniors as part of Columbia College’s ongoing effort to evaluate the effectiveness of degree programs.
"Elizabeth is a great student and a great person," said Columbia College-Crystal Lake Director Debra Hartman.

Freund also was awarded the Frank S. Westling Scholarship for the 2011-2012 academic year.

A single mom and small business owner, Freund is working to establish CiroH Academy, a residential high school and equine recovery center proposed to serve 100 foster teens and 50 abused and neglected horses.


theo3912 said...

valmallthis is absolutely fantastic!!!!
i knew she could accomplish her goals,even though she had to deal with many set backs and i know it was a struggle for her.
So very proud of liz.

Elizabeth Freund said...

Thanks mom :)