Have a question? Ask Scooter!

Imagine you have a question about registration, financial aid or any other topic that involves your education. Unfortunately, the office you need to call is closed. Who will answer your question? You can ask our mascot, Scooter the Cougar!
Columbia College has launched Ask Scooter!, an online resource where students can get instant answers to a wide variety of questions. Simply type your question about Columbia College (“When does registration for the October Session begin? Where can I apply for graduation and commencement?”) and click "Go" to find the answer, or you can browse the top 10 questions from other visitors.
Please note that all questions are important to Columbia College and will be captured so that we can continue to grow our answer base. If the answer to your question is not available today, it may be tomorrow — so keep coming back!
To access Ask Scooter!, visit https://ccis.intelliresponse.com/students/.