Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks staff Q&A with Jennifer Cochran

Cochran serves as a computer support technician for the Lake campus and earned her associate's degree from Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks in 2008

Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks is more than just a place to earn a degree for Jennifer Cochran and her family; it is a source of family pride. Cochran serves as a computer support technician, and she and her husband, Joseph, both have earned associate’s degrees from the campus while her father-in-law is a maintenance supervisor. The multi-talented native of Iberia, Mo., brings great insight and knowledge into all that she does and is a tremendous asset and friend to the campus. Read more about Meridan’s mom!
Name:  Jennifer Cochran
Position at Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks: Computer Support Technician
Alma Mater, Date of Graduation: Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks – 2008 AGS, working on pharmacist degree at the University of Missouri Kansas City
Family members:  Joseph Cochran, one daughter - Meridan
Years at Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks:  just over six years
Hobbies:   reading, playing the piano, singing, video games
Favorite Movie and/or TV Show:  Between work and school, who has time to watch anything? Seriously though, I like a lot of movies including independent films AND documentaries (they add a nice spice to the mix sometimes). “Gone with the Wind” has always been way up there on my list.
Favorite kind of music/favorite artist/song: Any of my friends can tell you that I have a large variety of music on my iPod. This answer could change by the hour depending on the situation and what mood I’m in.
Favorite Book:  “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee or my old paperback collection of short stories by noted authors.
Favorite Food:  I am partial to Italian. I never met any type of pasta I didn’t like.
Favorite subject in college:   Science, especially chemistry.
When I was 10 years old, I wanted to be a ______?   doctor
What is the best part about working at Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks?  The staff makes the environment welcoming and fun. I consider all my coworkers and supervisors at the campus great friends.
What moment in your life are you the proudest of?  
One of the proudest moments of my life was when I walked across the stage at the induction ceremony for pharmacy school. I worked so hard to get this point, and it paid off.  Having the foundation of my associate’s degree from Columbia College has been a tremendous help in attaining that goal. Next stop for me:  graduation. 
What piece of advice would you impart to a student prior to graduation?   
In the words of Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never, never give up.”    
 My additive:  Don’t try to look at the huge scheme of things — keep living in eight- to 10-week scheduled increments once you graduate, some things seem more manageable that way.
Talk about your journey and what lead you to Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks:   
I worked as a programmer at a software company previously. I desperately wanted to go to school. I started working at the campus in 2005 and then took my first class in 2006. Through the years, I’ve become friends with quite a few of our students.  It’s so great to see those students who you assisted on their very first day make it to the final walk across that stage at graduation.