Columbia College–Kansas City: Ethics requirement: Why do we care?

If you look in the Columbia College catalog or on the school’s website, you will find our value statement. Among the values that our school holds in esteem is “ethics and citizenship.” Because of this, we require students to take an ethics course to complete their general education.
Ethics is the study of what is right and wrong action for mankind. The study of ethics explores our values and how we categorize and pursue them. It is a common and important topic in both philosophy and religion. By studying ethics, students have the ability to gain a greater intrapersonal intelligence and become healthy members of society.
One of the general education requirements at Columbia College is an ethics course. Many students take PHIL 330 Ethics, which examines various moral philosophers’ attempts to prescribe ethical norms applicable to all humanity. Some degrees offer an ethics class built into the core requirements, such as MGMT 368 Business Ethics or CJAD 345 Ethics and Morality in Criminal Justice. Students with an ethics course listed as a core requirement do not need to pick up an extra ethics course for their general education.
Further information about ethics courses can be found in the undergraduate catalog and on the Columbia College website.