Columbia College–Jefferson City hosts Resume Building Workshop

Campus Assistant Director David Humphrey welcomes students to the event and introduces the Columbia College-Jefferson City staff.

Dan Gomez-Palacio, assistant director of career services, walks students through the different purposes that a resume can serve during a career search.
 More than 20 students, faculty and staff attended Columbia College–Jefferson City’s ‘Tools for our Times’ Resume Building Workshop on Friday, April 8. The innovative,  two-hour offering was designed to help individuals develop a quality resume and assist them in their upcoming career search and was sponsored by the Columbia College Alumni Association. The event also focused on resources available to students and alumni of Columbia College through the Grossnickle Career Services Center as they seek to secure a career. This workshop is part of Columbia College’s efforts to bring Career Services to all students, whether at a Nationwide Campus or online.

Gomez-Palacio showcases the proper format to list education level completed on a resume.

More than 20 students, faculty and staff attended the workshop.
Dan Gomez-Palacio and Katie Broadway review her resume following the workshop.