Columbia College–Fort Worth Adjunct Instructor Anthony Giardino and the Benbrook Police Department receive Best Practices Recognition Award

Anthony “Tony” Giardino, adjunct instructor of political science and criminal justice administration for Columbia College–Fort Worth, and the Benbrook Police Department received the Best Practices Recognition Award from the Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices Recognition Program on Jan. 20, 2011.

As program manager, Giardino was ultimately responsible for ensuring that the police department’s operations met or exceeded the standards and best practices established by the Texas Police Chiefs Association. The standards cover every dimension of an agency’s operations such as use of force, training, preservation of civil rights, property and evidence management, and professional standards.

Giardino has served the Benbrook Police Department for 28 years and is currently the agency’s professional standards officer. His responsibilities include policy writing, assessment and training, and performing background investigations on police officer candidates.