Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks faculty Q&A with David Byland

Byland has served as a member of the Columbia College faculty for 21 years including 10 at the Lake of the Ozarks campus.
If, by chance, you ever find yourself looking for a teammate to play the board game Trivial Pursuit, Columbia College faculty member David Byland would be an excellent choice. As you read his Q&A, note that the 21-year veteran economics teacher is an expert musician, restorer of classic motorcycles and has been known to renovate old houses in his ‘spare’ time. He has taught at five different Columbia College campuses including more than 10 years at the Lake of the Ozarks location and is a fan of the TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Read more about the proud father of three:
Name:  David Byland
Alma Mater, Date of Graduation:  University of Central Missouri, MBA 1975, BSBA 1974
Family members:   Mary Elizabeth Byland, a Columba College grad; daughters Mary Beth and Lisa, both University of Missouri grads, and son Jim.
Years at Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks: 10-plus years with the Lake campus, 21 years total with Columbia College.
Hobbies:  Playing 1960s–90s rock and roll, restoring and racing vintage motocross motorcycles, rehabbing old houses.
Favorite Movie and/or TV Show:  The Big Bang Theory.
Favorite kind of music/favorite artist/song:  Most of the British Invasion songs, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix and all that Wilson Pickett/Blues Brothers stuff.
Favorite Book:  Most anything by Stephen King, but his recent “Just After Sunset” collection of short stories is just great.
Favorite Food:  BREAKFAST!
Favorite subject in college:  Computer Programming.
When I was 10 years old, I wanted to be a member of the Beatles!
What is the best part about working at Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks?  Great student-centered attitude, small class sizes, excellent administration and super students.
What moment in your life are you the proudest of?  Probably the birth of my daughters, but also when each of them and my wife graduated from college.
Best excuse you have heard from a student who was late with their work?  “My dog ate my thumb drive…”.
What piece of advice would you impart to a student prior to graduation?  It is more important to do work you like than to do work that might pay more.  In the end, doing things you like will be more rewarding, and you’ll do them better!
Talk about your journey and what lead you to Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks: In Kansas City, I taught all kinds of courses for the Columbia College branch as it was getting its start and assisted with some of the administrative activities. When a career change allowed me to move to the lake, I contacted John Keeney, and he put me on staff. I’m fortunate to have taught classes at Kansas City, Lake of the Ozarks and Jefferson City, and am now handling courses at the Moberly campus and the Evening Campus in Columbia and working towards certification to teach some online along with in-seat courses.