Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks faculty Q&A with Dr. Marvin Schulteis

Dr. Schulteis, who retired to the Lake area after a 30-year law career, is passionate about politics, his family and helping students master the art of written communication in his classes.
Just over a decade ago, Dr. Marvin H. Schulteis paid a visit to the ‘college over next to the water tower’ and the rest, as they say, is history. Or for Schulteis, the rest has been political science and business law, two of his areas of expertise. That college was Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks and Schulteis has since become one of more popular Lake campus faculty members. However, his popularity does not stop there as he (along with fellow instructor Jim Pasley) has developed a huge following as co-hosts of popular radio broadcasts on KRMS radio in Osage Beach. Read more about the proud grandfather and bluegrass music fan:
Name:  Marvin H. Schulteis
Alma Mater, Date of Graduation:  Washburn University Undergrad & School of Law (1961 & 1964, respectively)
Family members:  wife Kathleen; two adult children; five grandchildren
Years at Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks:  since 1999 when I first taught Business Law
Hobbies:  POLITICS, POLITICS, POLITICS….and of course, spectator sports, also golf enthusiast
Favorite Movie and/or TV Show:  Dr. Zhivago….long time ago…story of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia
Favorite kind of music/favorite artist/song:   classical; jazz; bluegrass
Favorite Book:  so many
Favorite Food:  Italian, Mexican
Favorite subject in college:  political science
When I was 10 years old, I wanted to be a:  Bum--oh maybe a lawyer like my Dad.
What is the best part about working at Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks?   Oh my, so much to say here. I am retired from a legal career of more than 30 years, so teaching keeps me involved — keeps my mind in the game, so to speak. There’s no doubt that working with young people — college students — keeps you young, yourself.
What moment in your life are you the proudest of?   Birth of my two wonderful children. 
Best excuse you have heard from a student who was late with their work?  “The dog ate it.” (honestly)

Dr. Schulteis (far right, green shirt)  is a regular contributor on KRMS Radio. In this picture, he is on the air with (from left to right) Lake campus Director Dr. John Keeney, Jim Pasley  and host Michael McSorely.
What piece of advice would you impart to a student prior to graduation?  I would ask them:  “Have you mastered English composition — your writing and communication skills?”  These skills are the MOST IMPORTANT in your life after college — in any career field that you choose. 
Talk about your journey and what lead you to Columbia College–Lake of the Ozarks:  I retired at the Lake and was told that there “is a college over next to the water tower.” I thought maybe I had something to offer, so I paid a visit, ran into Dr. Keeney, and the rest is history!


Joni Hodapp said...

Hey Marvin,
Enjoyed the article that you and Jim Paisley wrote in the Lake Times before the election.
Your predictions were quite accurate, but more importantly the perception that hope is more powerful than fear in a down economy. Wouldn't it be remarkable if campaigns were based on civil discourse and the candidate's records only? I know that the 2016 campaigns are already being planned but hope in the mean time that both sides recognize the importance of putting America and Americans before party, pollsters, and PACs. Joni Hodapp