Columbia College–Lake County students named to dean’s list

We would like to congratulate all of our students who were named to the December 2010 dean’s list:

Charlene Allen
Christine Andrade
Kim Barkus
Jonathan Beale
Mersi Bethancourt
Elyse Candieas
Jeffery Carr
Rose Chavez
Garris Covington
Michael Duzenski
Maloree Edwards
Louis Finger
Joe Fullington
Gregory Hampton
Michael Hoover
Alexander Issakoo
Sheryl Magiera
Kimberly Mannes
Delyris Martinez
Guadalupe Medina
Michael O’Leary
Mark Pepperdine
Rachel Perez
Kathryn Radke
Maricruz Ramirez
Lisa Regnier
Caitlin Reid
Windy Robinson
Jeanne Salazar
Kathryn Schmelzer
Gerald See
Eden Setterlund
James Sewell
Sabrina Stoltzman
Matthew Stone
Morgen Streicher
Jessica Swain
Garry Turner
Timothy Watts
Michael Welsch
Zebulon Williams

The dean’s list is an honor accorded to students who achieve academic distinction. Students may be named to the dean’s list if they complete a minimum of 12 semester hours of Columbia College coursework in two consecutive sessions, and earn a combined GPA of 3.50 or higher.