Columbia College–Jefferson City awards two scholarships

Sharron Switzer and Becky Bocklage, director of Columbia College–Jefferson City

Stanley Keely with Bocklage
Columbia College–Jefferson City awarded two $1,000 scholarships: one to underclassman, Sharron Switzer, and another to upperclassman, Stanley Keely.
The underclassman scholarship was established in 1984 by Joe Silsby, Ph.D. and is awarded to a student who has a minimum of nine hours with Columbia College and has shown promise in doing academic work. The upperclassman scholarship was established in 2003 largely due to the efforts of Joyce Keitel, former director of the Jefferson City campus. It is awarded to a student who has a minimum of 60 credit hours (12 must be with Columbia College) and has a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Both scholarships required applicants to provide a 400-500 word essay justifying why they should be selected as the recipient and both are funded through the Jefferson City campus faculty and staff. The two students selected are outstanding examples of successful Columbia College–Jefferson City students. Congratulations Sharron and Stanley!