Paris in springtime - 2011 France Study Tour

France Study Tour is May 16-29, 2011 and open to all students, faculty, staff members and their friends and family.

Ah, Paris in May!

How about Nice, Avignon, Biarritz and the Loire Valley, too?

All these destinations are part of the Columbia College France Study Tour 2011, May 16-29.

The tour, which also offers the opportunity to earn college credit for such courses as Impressionism, travel writing, French biodiversity and enology (the science of wine and winemaking) is open to all Columbia College students, faculty, staff, family or friends.

The online registration deadline is Jan. 26, but registration by phone is open until Feb. 25.

Visit the study abroad website for a FAQ sheet with available courses, scholarship information, costs and contact information.

If you are interested in the scholarship, fill out the application and send it to Dr. Brian Kessel, associate professor of political science, by Feb. 4, at 5 p.m.* Mail to:

Dr. Brian Kessel
St. Clair 207
Columbia College
1001 Rogers St.
Columbia, MO 65216

*Any student -- Day, Evening, Nationwide and Online campuses – may apply for the scholarship. Online students should carefully consider whether they can perform the required functions, however, and Nationwide students will be expected to meet post-trip obligations on their campus and within their community.


Julia said...

This is the best time to visit Paris. You can do it also in the winter. This is the cheapest season. Thanks for sharing this post. Regards from Orly Hotels

Kristin said...

There's nothing like Paris in spring! A day trip to visit some of the famous chateaux in Loire might be a good idea, like Chateau de Chenonceau and Chambord.