Columbia College–Crystal Lake students are No. 1 in global business simulation game

Suzanne Cortez, instructor John Altman and Ann Grys
A team of two Columbia College–Crystal Lake students, Ann Grys and Suzanne Cortez, tied a handful of other teams for first place in a business simulation game called GLO-BUS. The team competed with more than 1,600 teams worldwide.
The students participated in GLO-BUS as part of a strategic management class taught by instructor John Altman. GLO-BUS teaches students competitive business strategy through running a virtual digital camera company and making a wide variety of business decisions. Student teams competed against one another and against other students from more than 100 colleges and universities worldwide. The simulation required in excess of 40 decisions to be made each week. Teams received weekly feedback from GLO-BUS regarding financial performance using earnings per share, return on investment, stock price appreciation and credit rating as measures of success. In addition, teams received a ranking of how their decision-making compared against other teams competing during the same time frame.

“The use of GLO-BUS takes the business capstone to a new level, by providing students with business operational challenges in an industry environment that deals with issues including product choices, product pricing, manufacturing variables, quality control, customer satisfaction, international markets and currency effects,” said Altman.         

The feedback on the experience from Crystal Lake students was very positive, solidifying the use of the business simulation as a teaching method for future students.

About the experience, Grys said, I’ve taken many business classes at Columbia College–Crystal Lake, which developed my analytical and decision-making skills, as well as classes that emphasized team cooperation. GLO-BUS brings all of these skills into play and provided feedback that you can’t get from case study analysis.”