Columbia College–Kansas City makes safety and security a priority on campus

[The following is comprised of excerpts from the Columbia College–Kansas City Campus Safety & Security Report. The full report can be acquired at the Columbia College–Kansas City office.]

We are concerned about your security at Columbia College–Kansas City. That’s why we work hard to ensure the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff working and attending classes at Columbia College–Kansas City.

Because no campus is immune from crime, Columbia College has developed a series of policies and procedures that are designed to ensure that every possible precautionary measure is taken to protect persons on campus. However it is only through the efforts and cooperation of all students, faculty, and staff that a truly safe campus can be achieved. We have prepared a brochure to assist in the effectiveness of this collaborative endeavor. It is our hope that you will read the information carefully and use it to nurture a safe environment for yourself and others at the Kansas City campus.

Some highlights of this brochure:

• It shall be the policy of Columbia College to encourage prompt reporting of all crimes that occur within the jurisdiction of the college and prompt reporting of all incidents that could result in injury to persons or damage to, destruction of, theft of, or disappearance of college property, or property of others.
• Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on campus and cannot be consumed or carried anywhere in campus facilities.
• The college regards possession, distribution, or use of illegal drugs as a direct violation of college rules and the law.
• There have been NO reports on campus or on surrounding public property of murder, manslaughter, sex offences, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, weapons possession, liquor violation or drug violation since 2007.

Building Security can be contacted by calling (816) 365-7982.