New degree offering: Master of Arts in Military Studies

New master's in military studies will be offered online only.

The Master of Arts in Military Studies (MAMS) at Columbia College has been approved by the Faculty Association and by the Higher Learning Commission. Faculty are busy developing courses, and it will be offered online soon. The degree was originally designed for military service members, for whom in-seat education is often not an option, but is open to any qualified student.

The MAMS degree program will provide a liberal arts education with a practical flair, emphasizing the study of military affairs from the perspectives of traditional disciplines such as history, philosophy and political science. It will also accentuate instruction on military leadership and biography, military organizations and civilian relations, peacekeeping, geopolitics, historiography and applicable methodologies of the liberal arts.

MAMS courses constitute a set of learning experiences that best suit the professional aspirations and academic interests of the individual. They are designed primarily to facilitate career advancement for personnel in the U.S. armed services. The learning process culminates with the completion of a thesis in an area of concentration approved in consultation with a faculty board. The breadth in the disciplinary coverage ensures that prospective graduate students will study the broad scope of military affairs.