Columbia College–St. Louis dean's list

We would like to congratulate all of our students who were named to the dean’s list for the March-July 2010 award period. To be named to the dean’s list, a student must have completed 12 semester hours in a 16-week period and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a four point scale.

Juanita A. Adams
Robert P. Alagna
Sandra D. Allen
Cynthia D. Anderson
Jacob M. Beckmann
Khimmel S. Blount
William J. Book
Michael A. Brooks
Kenya Brumfield
Rebecca A. Bryant
Jermaine L. Carroll-Clark
Chevonne N. Chambly
Connie K. Cheek
Lisa A. Clark
Anthony L. Colenburg
Robert E. Davis
Patrick A. Dickson
Norman Halpin
Sherri D. Harris-County
Elizabeth A. Heberling
Shantel L. Hollins
Thomas J. Jaeger
Melissa Lewis
Charles P. Maher
Melinda J. Mark
John F. Martinez
Michelle C. Myers
Jenifer K. Oberer
Latonya N. Owens
Robert L. Person
John S. Rogers
Debra J. Sidler
Jennifer L. Thomas
Vanessa A. Thomas
Charita G. Thompson
Corey M. Washington
William J. Watkins
Paula L. Williams
Jacqueline D. Young