Columbia College Evening Campus dean's list

We would like to congratulate all of our students who were named to the dean’s list for the March-July 2010 award period. To be named to the dean’s list, a student must have completed 12 semester hours in a 16-week period and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a four point scale.

Bernard B. Abduba
Ryan T. Anderson
Lesli D. Baker
Amanda K. Boelter
Mary D. Breckenridge
Melissa R. Cason
Stephanie R. Chandler
Jason D. Coleman
Rowan J. Donahue
Alexander J. Edwards
Olivia M. Foreman
Kathleen N. Franks
Christie A. Geha
Joie K. Hendricks
Eric J. Horst
Crystal G. Hutton
Erik J. Isom
Brian W. Jackson
Tyler A. Kilgore
Jessica M. Kramer
Danielle K. Mason
Danielle J. McCoy
Theresa M. McDonald
Sharena L. Minton
David W. Nash
Amber D. Palmer
Sherrie J. Pamperl
Stephanie L. Paris
Aaron E. Parton
Susan M. Pew
Benjamin D. Pritchard
Sarah M. Reed
Emily S. Rost
Jonathan E. Sansoucie
Tyler D. Shelton
Patrick E. Smith
Sopros Sok
John P. Soldner
James W. Swofford
Samantha K. Walker
Steven M. Weller
Amy T. Wideman
Kali M. Winfrey
Sharon A. Young
Justin L. Zumwalt