Jeffrey Musgrove, Columbia College–Patrick Air Force Base director, continues his discussion on a "purpose driven life"

From the campus perspective, the primary goal is to deliver the highest value in education. How do we achieve the highest value? For starters, this goal will be achieved by:
1. Ensuring that we have qualified faculty with real world experience in the subjects they are teaching.
2. Providing a quality contract (syllabus) with the student. A syllabus that not only covers the course objectives but exceeds the minimum requirements; one that includes speaking and writing requirements, and addresses attendance and student conduct.
3. By consistently providing excellent and courteous student services.

The Columbia College–Patrick Air Force Base staff is dedicated to assisting you in any way possible, by providing you with timely, accurate responses to your questions from the time of inquiry to the time you become an alumni. If asked the question, “what is the purpose driven life of a campus?” I’d say to provide a service that is good for society. And as we already know, a quality education is good for society.

From the student’s perspective, a “purpose driven life” should include doing the right things to help make them successful in the classroom environment, such as:
1. Meeting or talking with an advisor to develop a degree plan, select courses and register early, thus ensuring you get your first choice
2. Timely ordering of your textbook
3. Reviewing the course syllabus prior to the first night of class, and
4. Being prepared when you come to class. Being prepared means reading the assignments prior to coming to class, being prepared to speak and write across the curriculum.

I’d say that the “purpose driven life” of a student is to become a lifelong learner.