Columbia College–St. Louis student profiles: Carla Cox-Gibson

Aaron Gibson and Carla Cox on their wedding day
Aaron Gibson and Carla Cox met in CCIS 170 class during the 2008 March Session.

As Cox remembers, she tried to get into the class, but it was already closed. She had applied for one of the scholarships that session and Columbia College–St. Louis Director Debra Shrout called about the paperwork. Then, Shrout noticed Cox wasn't registered for the March Session. Cox explained how she tried to get into the CCIS 170 class, and it was closed. Shrout said she would check on the status of the class. She called Cox back and said there was an open seat. Cox called her mother and told her, “There is a reason God wants me to be in this class, and I don't know why, but he will show me. My campus director just called me, and said I was in the class.” Now, Aaron Gibson was already registered for the class.

Gibson said he saw Cox in the break room and wondered who the pretty lady was. He didn't know Cox was in his class because he came to class after the first break. When Cox came back to class he couldn't believe it was the same person he just saw in the break room. To make a long story short, they became friends, started to date and on July 18, 2009, they were married. Gibson graduated in October 2009 with a degree in psychology, and Cox is near completion of her bachelor’s degree in business administration–management. We wish them well!