Columbia College–St. Louis student profiles: Jacob Beckmann

Jacob Beckmann
I left 1st Ranger Battalion in October 2002, after one tour in Afghanistan where I broke my leg fast-roping onto the Kandahar airfield and was sent home within a month. After attending the University of Missouri–St. Louis for one semester and flight school at the University of Central Missouri for a year, I ran out of money and decided to do what I love. I went back to Iraq working on the roads as member of a personal security detail. After nine months in the country, I sustained an injury from a roadside bomb. My right thumb was amputated in the blast as well as severe tissue loss and nerve damage to both forearms and legs. After more than two dozen surgeries, I decided I had to find a new career and that is when I began attending Columbia College’s Online Campus after it was suggested to me by a friend in the Marines. After one session online, I attended the St. Louis campus until I was able enough to return to Iraq as a contractor in May 2008. I continued my online education in Iraq until I returned for good in February 2010. Since that time, I am back at the St. Louis campus and am finishing the last two classes for my bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in finance.

Columbia College and the Montgomery GI Bill have afforded me the opportunity to learn aspects of business and finance that I had never considered. The versatility of Columbia College has allowed me and many fellow students to complete our degrees from halfway around the world.

My plans after graduation are to continue working to build Beckmann Investments LLC, a company that I started in 2006. The main focus of my company is renovating and managing residential rental property. And, I am seeking work in the financial sector and maybe eventually becoming a mortgage broker.