Columbia College–Lake County staff spotlight – Andrea Delgado, administrative assistant

Columbia College alumna Andrea Delgado recently joined the Lake County campus team. Read on to learn more about our newest staff member:

1) Where are you from?
I am originally from the Golden Triangle, a city called Beaumont, which is located in the southeast corner of Texas. In comparison, Beaumont is nearly four times the size of Waukegan with about the same amount of people.

2) Tell us about your work experience.
After high school I worked in retail for five years with Walgreens as a photo specialist. I have a lot of wonderful memories and met a lot of great people working there! Eventually I wanted a career change and was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to work for a leading U.S. Flaxseed supplier in Gurnee. I began as an administrative assistant and was promoted to a customer service position after two years. As a result of the economic downturn, the company decided to move their offices to Madison in July 2009. I was unable to relocate with them because I was finishing up my degree here in Gurnee.

3) Where did you go to school, and what degrees have you earned?
I began my schooling at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and shortly after moving to Lake County, enrolled with Columbia College. This past May I completed my bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in financial services and a minor in human services. I cannot wait to walk in the graduation ceremony with my peers this August and see my new co-workers!

4) Why did you want to work for Columbia College?
Wow! I really enjoyed the environment as well as being around my peers while attending school. The instructors are awesome and the staff is great. I really wanted a job that I would be excited to wake up for each morning, and I knew this would be it because I love this school so much. All in all, I really enjoy helping people.

5) Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.
I have never broken a bone in my life, not even a little one.