Choosing in-seat classes at Columbia College–Kansas City

Kansas City
Have you ever wondered how we decide what class sections to offer in-seat here at the Kansas City campus? It is mostly based on what we have successfully offered in the past (“past behavior predicts future performance”) and what degree programs the Kansas City students have chosen to pursue. As you know, most…but not all…of our students have declared business administration as their program. In order to meet the needs of these students, we try to offer all of the degree requirements for business administration here at the campus, including the general education courses, the business core and a selection of electives within the management and human resource management majors.

We also have students who are pursuing degrees in history, psychology, human services, criminal justice, sociology, general studies and a few others. However, because we don’t yet have a critical mass of students in these areas, we are not usually able to offer major courses in those areas. In order for us to schedule and hold any given class, we must have 10 students who have committed to register for it in the same session.

So, here’s where we need your feedback! If there is a particular course that you would like to see us offer in-seat at the Kansas City campus, tell us, and find nine fellow students who are interested in taking the class with you at the same time. If there is sufficient interest, we will then try to find an adjunct instructor who is qualified to teach it and submit the request to the main campus for final approval by appropriate academic department.

If you have any questions about this process, see Cindy Miller, Kansas City campus director.