Students ask “what if” with help from degree audit

What if I change my major to accounting? What if I pursue a degree in criminal justice? How close am I to completing my degree in business administration? Currently students contact their academic advisors with these questions, but Degree Audit, a tool in eServices, gives students the power to answer these questions.Students who have started with Columbia College since August 2004 can access Degree Audit.

“Degree Audit not only helps students track progress in their current degree programs,” said Allyson Presley, director of Evaluations, “it also helps students interested in changing majors.”

If students are interested in changing majors Degree Audit will allow them to generate reports for the majors in which they’re interested. Students who ultimately decide to change majors are required to complete and submit a Declaration of Major form available at the campus office or online at

Students should be aware that Degree Audit will report the longest route to degree completion. It will add the separate degree requirements and will not calculate when one course might satisfy two or more requirements. Students still will need to work closely with their advisors to create the most efficient and appropriate degree plan for their individual situations.

For more information on Degree Audit, contact your academic advisor.