Columbia College-Lake County welcomes new students

A new session means new students, and the Lake County staff and faculty would like to welcome all the students beginning their academic career with Columbia College in October:

Katherine Acker – Great Lakes, IL
Semaj Amen – Wadsworth, IL
Brigette Arnall – Lake Zurich, IL
Amber Arnold – Waukegan, IL
Giannina Barnhouse – Round Lake, IL
Steve Becker – Round Lake Beach, IL
Timothy Bishop – Great Lakes, IL
Latrice Boyd – Chicago, IL
Paul Boykin – Great Lakes, IL
Katherine Braden – Zion, IL
Marisela Bruno – Round Lake Beach, IL
George Cantu – Highland Park, IL
Juan Carethers – Glenview, IL
Liliana Carrillo – Waukegan, IL
Samantha Chiaramonte – Great Lakes, IL
Julie Cintron – Waukegan, IL
Nicholas Collori – Round Lake, IL
Terrance Counts – Chicago, IL
Troy Davidson – Great Lakes, IL
Dale Decker – Antioch, IL
Brent Delahunty – Highland Park, IL
Kurt Dillard – Gurnee, IL
Michael Dixon – Kenosha, WI
Beatrice Downs – Waukegan, IL
Sheila Drake – Grayslake, IL
Michael Duzenski – Gurnee, IL
Andres Escoto – Gurnee, IL
Angela Farinas – Waukegan, IL
Melonie Fiesta – Park City, IL
Mark Formosa – Honolulu, HI
Denisse Fuentes – Mundelein, IL
Sentoria Gilbert – Great Lakes, IL
Cristina Gonzalez – Waukegan, IL
Jennifer Gonzalez – Beach Park, IL
Elizabeth Greathouse – Wadsworth, IL
Abel Guerrero – Waukegan, IL
Letisia Gutierrez – Waukegan, IL
Martin Guzman – Waukegan, IL
Darwin Hoover – Winthrop Harbor, IL
Anthony Jenkins – North Chicago, IL
Amy Johnson – Gurnee, IL
Noiette Jones – Beach Park, IL
Brandon King – Waukegan, IL
Kathleen Kozlowski – Genoa City, WI
Nicole Lenz – Green Oaks, IL
Margarita Leon – Waukegan, IL
Roberta Lopez – Round Lake Beach, IL
Zepher Lyons – Gurnee, IL
Delyris Martinez – Waukegan, IL
Ryan Matus – Libertyville, IL
Terrance McClure – Kenosha, WI
Heather Mendoza – Waukegan, IL
Raulston More – Waukegan, IL
Jonathan Morris – Great Lakes, IL
Gabrielle Mulnix – Grayslake, IL
Enrique Navarro – Round Lake, IL
India Nix – Waukegan, IL
Kenneth Paul – Great Lakes, IL
Kimberly Ponce – Zion, IL
Amber Presley – Zion, IL
Alexander Racki – Zion, IL
Ana Ramirez – Mundelein, IL
David Reising – Great Lakes, IL
Ramon Richardson – Jacksonville, FL
Jennifer Roberts – Mundelein, IL
Stephanie Robinson – Kenosha, WI
John Scarbrough – Gurnee, IL
Regan Schraeder – Great Lakes, IL
Nina Sears – Gurnee, IL
Jamaal Sharp – Chicago, IL
Julie Skidmore – Mundelein, IL
Teresa Stiggers – Gurnee, IL
Eric Strickland – Waukegan, IL
Corey Suggs – Waukegan, IL
Julie Sworthout – Waukegan, IL
Mathew Tanner – Cedar Rapids, IA
Ethel Thompkins – Round Lake, IL
Randy Thompson – Zion, IL
Phillip Valdes – Great Lakes, IL
Richard Vargas – Great Lakes, IL
Nathan Weishuhn – Silver Lake, WI
Melissa Williams – Great Lakes, IL
Breanna Wilson – Greenville, MI
Deborah Winfield – Bristol, WI
We are here to help you with any questions or problems you may encounter. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you reach your academic goals!