Faculty Focus – Robert Thomas, management instructor at Columbia College–Lake County

A new instructor will be teaching at Columbia College–Lake County this session. If you are thinking about taking MGMT 393 Business Information Systems in the August Session, take a few minutes to learn more about Robert Thomas:

1)Where are you from (original hometown)?
I was born and raised in Waukegan, Ill. and still live there today.

2)Tell us about your family.
I am a single parent of a 15 year old son. I have a brother, two sisters and parents that all live in the area.

3)What degrees do you hold, and where did you earn them?
I have a certificate in computer operations and an associate degree from the College of Lake County; a bachelor’s degree in business management from Barat College; and a master’s degree with a specialization in international management from the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

4)Tell us about your teaching experience and work history.
I have worked at Abbott since I was 18 in different capacities, including mainframe operations, desktop support and my current position in mergers and acquisitions for IT. This will be my first teaching position. I have been going to school in one way or another since I was 18. After finishing my master’s, I realized that I was missing the classroom experience. I missed the lively debates, learning something new with my classmates and sharing unique experiences as we worked to understand new concepts. Now I have the opportunity to lead that experience!

5)What do you most enjoy about your field?
Technology is always changing. Every day there is some change in hardware and/or software. It is always new and challenging.

6)Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.
I love being outdoors and active, whether its bike riding, golf, frisbee, volleyball, hiking, skiing or camping. Hot or cold, I would prefer to be outside.

7)What advice do you have for students taking your class this summer?
Be prepared to work hard and have fun while doing it. And complete your reading assignments before you come to class. I might just call on you at random!