Columbia College–Lake County welcomes new students

A new session means new students, and the Lake County campus staff and faculty would like to welcome all the students beginning their academic career with Columbia College:

Anthony Alves – Great Lakes, IL
Rico Baker – Great Lakes, IL
Rebecca Bartlett – Great Lakes, IL
James Biggs – Great Lakes, IL
Stephen Black – Great Lakes, IL
Sylvia Burch – Waukegan, IL
William Bussing – Waukegan, IL
Salvador Camacho – Waukegan, IL
Erin Carley – Zion, IL
Sandra Chacon – Lindenhurst, IL
Monique Chambers – Chicago, IL
Traci Christopher – Waukegan, IL
Idel Cintron – Great Lakes, IL
Ryan Clay – Round Lake, IL
Karla DeJesus – Great Lakes, IL
Joseph Dixon – Great Lakes, IL
Richard Dodd – Highland Park, IL
Wendy Dumont – Beach Park, IL
Charles English – Gurnee, IL
Harold Ervin – Great Lakes, IL
Charles Flesch – Round Lake Beach, IL
John Gaffney – Beach Park, IL
Rico Habersham – Great Lakes, IL
Adam Hall – Gurnee, IL
Matthew Hansen – Round Lake, IL
Holly Harrison – Lindenhurst, IL
Candace Hill – Lake Villa, IL
Michael Hoover – Grayslake, IL
Jennifer Hughes – Gurnee, IL
Annette Jackson – Chicago, IL
Tiesha Jackson – Gurnee, IL
Alonza Johnson – Waukegan, IL
Peter Johnstone – Great Lakes, IL
Ashley Knouse – Great Lakes, IL
Crystal McCrady – Carterville, IL
Vichien Mixay – Great Lakes, IL
Deqwon Noel – Zion, IL
Harrison Norals – Zion, IL
Ashley O’Bryant – North Chicago, IL
Nicole O’Neill – Great Lakes, IL
Tenesha Payton – Zion, IL
Joshua Pedrazoli – Racine, WI
Gaston Placa – Zion, IL
Julia Quintero – Park City, IL
Dawn Reimer – Antioch, IL
Kathryn Schmelzer – Antioch, IL
Amy Schutz – Lindenhurst, IL
Vidal Sisneros – Great Lakes, IL
Kira Surprise – Beach Park, IL
Allen Thompson – Wildwood, IL
Adrienne Tyson – Buffalo Grove, IL
Eric Vandivort – Great Lakes, IL
Julian Vincent – Great Lakes, IL
Bryan Webb – Great Lakes, IL
Michael Welsch – Hainesville, IL
Dominique Whitehead – Beach Park, IL

We are here to help you with any questions or problems you may encounter. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you reach your academic goals!