Tips for Registration

Registration for the August Session begins July 6. Our goal is to make sure that the registration process is a smooth and painless experience for all of our students. To achieve this goal, we encourage you to follow these suggestions when you register:

  1. Register as early as possible. This will ensure your seat in the class before the seats are all full. Also, some classes may be deleted from the schedule due to low enrollments; if you wait too long to register, we might think you have no intention to register for the class at all.
  2. Meet with your advisor to find out which classes you still need to complete your degree. This is especially important for students who have transferred credits from other schools; you don’t want to register for a class if you have already taken its equivalent elsewhere.
  3. Make sure you meet the prerequisites for a class before registering. For example, in order to take MGMT 362 Organizational Behavior, you must have already completed MGMT 330 Principles of Management or PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology. If you are unsure about prerequisites for a class, ask your advisor.
  4. If you are receiving financial aid, check to make sure your aid is in place for the upcoming session. You can view your eAwards in your eServices account at
  5. Whether you are registering online or with a paper form, make sure to read carefully. Our registration forms explain that each form is a binding contract that makes you financially responsible for the class. Also, make sure you completely fill out all necessary fields in the form, including your student ID number, the section of the class you are taking (for example, CISS 170, section B), and your method of payment (student loan, personal payment, etc.).
  6. The last day to add a class to your schedule is the Friday of the first week of classes. The last day to drop a class without being financially responsible is the Monday of the second week of classes. Keep these dates in mind if you are unsure about your schedule for the session and wish to change it.