How do we create a session schedule at the St. Louis campus?

  • We don't even look at the course selection sheets.
  • We try to come up with schedules where there are no classes for you to take.
  • We offer the classes you need at the same time just to drive you crazy.
  • We tally the course selection sheets, look at the numbers, look for patterns in the suggestions and then begin creating a schedule.
  • We also look at when the class was last offered. And, we look at our matrix of students by majors to determine how many students are eligible to enroll in the course. With the enforcement of pre-requisites, it is important to offer the courses in a sequence that allows students to meet the pre-requisites.
  • We then match courses we need to offer with instructors approved to teach the courses. After we match courses with instructors, we must find days/times that fit the instructor's work schedule and evening schedule.
  • We must meet a 16 class average to offer a course. If we offer 20 courses, then we must have a total enrollment of 320 to offer all 20 classes. If we have 320 enrollments, one class might have 25 so therefore another class could have 15 enrollments. Obviously, the more enrollments, the more classes we can offer. In the March session, we have 510 enrollments. We could offer 31 courses. We have 30 on our schedule. Our summer enrollment is usually lower so we will offer fewer than 30 courses. Regardless of our enrollment, any class that has less than five students cannot be offered without a severe reduction in salary for the instructor.
  • Once the puzzle has been solved, the schedule is printed and distributed.


Below are the results for the Student Course Inquiry of March 25, 26. We are currently creating the schedule. We hope the schedule is ready for distribution by April 6. Registration begins April 27. Consider scheduling an appointment now with an academic advisor to help you plan your summer schedule.

Student Course Inquiry - June 2009 Total
Total number of inquiries returned 236
ACCT 281 Accounting II (Managerial) 11
ACCT 381 Federal Income Tax – Individual 2
ARTS 112 Art & Ideas II 6
BUSI 562 Managerial Accounting 0
CISS 170 Intro to Computer Information Systems 13
CISS 238: Java Programming 2
CISS 365 Project Management 2
CJAD 495 Integrative Seminar 7
COMM 110 Intro to Speech 11
ECON 293 Macroeconomics 16
ENGL 111 English Composition I 19
FINC 395 Financial Markets & Institutions 7
GEOL 110 Introduction to Physical Geology 7
HIST 102 Western Civilization II 9
HIST 122 American History since 1877 8
HUMS 105 Introduction to Human Services 20
INCC 123 Strategies for Success 5
MATH 104 Beginning Algebra 25
MATH 106 Intermediate Algebra (Hybrid) 11
MATH 150 College Algebra 12
MATH 250 Statistics 19
MGMT 233 Class & Cultural Divide in Business 6
MGMT 265 Business Law I 13
MGMT 330 Principles of Management 5
MGMT 339 Cross-cultural Management 6
MGMT 479 Strategic Management 15
MKTG 310 Principles of Marketing 8
PSYC 330 Lifespan Development Psychology 21
PSYC 495 Integrative Psychology 10
SOCI 111 General Sociology 10
SOCI 331 Juvenile Delinquency 10


Need Working with Individuals
Was offered last October session; planning to offer again this upcoming March session
Need English Comp. II
Was offered last October session; scheduled for August session
Need HUMS 300
Scheduled for March session
Can you please put another Marketing class on the schedule besides Principles?
In this January session we had to cancel a marketing class because of low numbers. Since Principles of Marketing is a pre-requisite to other marketing classes, by offering Principles this session we should have more students eligible to take the higher level marketing classes.
Need ENGL 112 English Comp II
See above
Need Spanish I
We have hired a new Spanish teacher and hope to begin offering Spanish again in the fall.
There is no other choice besides HIST 122. Need MATH 104 on M/W at 5:00 P.M.
Plan to offer MATH 104 early in October session.
Need HUMS 335, HUMS 300 and POSC 390
On schedule for January and March sessions in 2009 academic year, and we offer HUMS 300 instead of POSC 390.
Need POSC classes
POSC scheduled for August session
Need Human Resource Management and Business Info Systems
Planning on October session for both
Need Learning & Cognition or Research & Design
We do not offer Learning and Cognition. Research and Design is on the schedule for October session
Need Test & Measurement (PSYC), Learning & Cognition, Human Sexuality, Personality Theory
We do not offer Test and Measurement or Learning and Cognition. Human Sexuality is scheduled for 10/12 we offered it last October. Personality Theory is scheduled for January session.
MGMT 479 is my last required class, so I would probably take it, but MGMT 339 would count as one more business elective, which I also need. These two are the only classes I could take that count toward my degree.
MGMT 339 is scheduled for October session .CJAD 311 and 451 CJAD 311 was canceled this session – low numbers – and is scheduled again for June session . CJAD 415 is on the books for October session .HUMS Case Management Scheduled for October session Please call XXX for next classes
I need advanced Accounting
Plan to offer August session
PSYC Statistics and Research & Design
PSYC statistics is scheduled for August session, see above for Research and Design
Also need Exploring Research HUMS 300
See above
Need HUMS 300 - Exploring Research
See above
Need FINC 350, MGMT 150 & 368, PHIL 330
FINC 350 scheduled for the summer session, MGMT 150 planned for August session, and PHIL 330 when an instructor is hired


Anonymous said...

I think your scheduling rules need to be reevaluated.
This is copied from your truths:
"With the enforcement of pre-requisites, it is important to offer the courses in a sequence that allows students to meet the pre-requisites."
If this is the case then why in the Jan. 2011 session is MGMT 330 offered in the same session as MGMT 368 and MGMT 393 which need the prereq of MGMT 330. That is one of the poorest schedules i have seen. I also have seen schedules where a class is offered that needs a prereq that is being offered in the next session and then the school wonders why they have a tough time finding students that meet the requirements. Also where are you getting these inquiries. In all my time in school i haven't seen any questions of what classes the students would like offered. I would also like to have evaluations of the class scheduling and advisors not just the teachers.