Columbia College–Lake County welcomes new students

A new session means new students, and the Lake County Staff and faculty would like to welcome all the students beginning their academic careers with Columbia College this session:

Patrick Abiera – Great Lakes, IL
Shanon Aguayo – Spring Grove, IL
Joel Algarin – Chicago, IL
Tanusri Banerjee – Antioch, IL
Sally Becker – Kenosha, WI
Jon Berts – Great Lakes, IL
Robert Bittner – Pleasant Prairie, WI
Leonel Blanco – Elgin, IL
Carla Booker-Mohammed – North Chicago, IL
Christopher Brand – Great Lakes, IL
Martez Brooks – Gurnee, IL
Jordan Buck – Round Lake, IL
Shequita Burch – Waukegan, IL
Chad Burrell – Zion, IL
Myranda Butler – Gurnee, IL
Kishi Caldwell – Gurnee, IL
Daniel Casey – Lake Zurich, IL
Leticia Castellanos – Waukegan, IL
Shannon Chain – Zion, IL
Travis Chain – Zion, IL
Christopher Church – Great Lakes, IL
Brian Crask – Mundelein, IL
Juan Delira – Great Lakes, IL
Antonio Diaz – Mundelein, IL
Christine Dinger – Pleasant Prairie, WI
Grant Dotson – Glenview, IL
Krisztina Dunn – Lake Bluff, IL
Stephen Foreman – Zion, IL
Donald Fournier – Kenosha, WI
Thomas Fudge – Highland Park, IL
Justin Galias – Libertyville, IL
Jonathan Garoutte – Waukegan, IL
Marco Gayino – Waukegan, IL
Jasmine Grayer – Zion, IL
Julie Grosskopf – Waukegan, IL
Andres Gutierrez – Waukegan, IL
Justin Hamin – Pleasant Prairie, WI
Paula Harrison – Lindenhurst, IL
Michelle Herrera – Waukegan, IL
Michael Hodge – Great Lakes, IL
Daniel Holman – Streamwood, IL
Jason Horn – Third Lake, IL
Christine Hosana – Lake Villa, IL
Derek Hotop – Highland Park, IL
Alice Howell – Waukegan, IL
Carlslee Jeffers – Volo, IL
Onturo Johnson – Highland Park, IL
Lyndon Jones – Great Lakes, IL
Patrick Kerr – Waukegan, IL
Clayton Kezerle – Great Lakes, IL
Kimberly Lawhorn – Homewood, IL
Amber Lopez – Waukegan, IL
Kenneth MacKe – Round Lake Beach, IL
John Major – Antioch, IL
Jessica Marquez – Waukegan, IL
Celenia Marrero – Waukegan, IL
James Mazon – Waukegan, IL
Sagirah-Nailah McNeely – Lake Bluff, IL
Randi McRobbie – Great Lakes, IL
Robert Minnich – Wildwood, IL
Amanda Najdowski – Antioch, IL
Jonathon Ostrander – Waukegan, IL
Antwaon Paige – Great Lakes, IL
Ciano Perkins – Great Lakes, IL
Jill Ramaker – Wilmette, IL
Cesar Ramirez – Chicago, IL
Rosemarie Rangel – Kenosha, WI
Jonathan Reed – Kenosha, WI
Jessica Rieck – Grayslake, IL
Maria Ruiz – Gurnee, IL
Nicole Salter – Waukegan, IL
Myeshia Sandoval – Waukegan, IL
Brandy Sawyer – Waukegan, IL
Kimberly Smith – Spring Grove, IL
Kennith Snider – Kenosha, WI
Brittany Stittiam – North Chicago, IL
Aaron Stow – Great Lakes, IL
Tammy Stow – Great Lakes, IL
Lloyd Sy – Great Lakes, IL
Vicki Tarver – Prospect Heights, IL
David Taylor – Gurnee, IL
Mellita Taylor – Waukegan, IL
Darlene Terry – Kenosha, WI
Alma Villalobos – Waukegan, IL
George Wells – Waukegan, IL
Marcus Whitlow – Manteno, IL
Megan Williams – Great Lakes, IL
Siuleym Yllarramendi – Waukegan, IL
Eric Young – Waukegan, IL

We are here to help you with any questions or problems you may encounter. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you reach your academic goals!